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Weather Facts

Extended exposure to the sun can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Summer temperatures typically soar in our region to almost unbearable conditions with little relief to those who brave the pounding. This can lead to conditions that range from discomfort to death, if the individual doesn't recognize the dangers of the situation.

Below are some possible results of extended exposure to heat.

Heat can be dangerous

Heat cramps: Activity in hot weather can lead to muscle cramps, especially in the legs, because of brief imbalances in body salts.

Heat exhaustion: Losing fluid and salt through perspiration or replacing them in an imbalanced way can lead to dizziness and weakness.

Heat stroke: In some cases extreme heat can upset the body's thermostat, causing body temperature to rise to 105 degrees or higher. Heatstroke is very dangerous and can kill.

Kold Breeze® can help you develp a temperature relief program to combat the rising thermostat at your next outdoor event.

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> Great point of use fan for
multiple applications
> Used for indoor/outdoor application
> Timer or temperature type activated for peak temperatures

Brings the following abilities

  • Stops insect habitation on livestock animals
  • Protects from Mold related illnesses
  • Keeps animal feed dry
  • Provides quick drying times for inclement weather
  • Allows ability to keep shelters cleaner
  • Provides great relief from direct heat
Gives ability to bring cooler air to animals from areas inside
Provides a white noise to animals to keep from startling
Protects from mosquito habitation in still water reservoirs


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